Evidence-Supported Instructional Practices: Integrate Assessment and Teaching

Cara Jackson, Associate Partner, Bellwether Education with Dr. Kim Walters-Parker, literacy specialist

Twitter: @cara__jackson / @KimW_P

VIDEO SESSION: Integrate Assessment and Teaching


In this session, we explore instructional practices that leverage principles of cognitive psychology for assessment as teaching. By requiring students to recall and apply new knowledge, these practices strengthen students’ long-term memory and foster students’ engagement in the learning process. Ultimately, integrating assessment and teaching can improve student outcomes and advance equity. We will provide concrete examples of how the principles of cognitive psychology have been applied in the day-to-day work of reading specialists, and discuss how effective use of assessment requires shared understanding and collaboration among education stakeholders.

About Our Presenters

Cara Jackson

Dr. Cara Jackson is on the evaluation team at Bellwether Education Partners, focusing on issues related to evaluation and planning, research design, survey research, and quantitative data analysis. She provides technical assistance and supports capacity building related to program evaluation and quasi-experimental analysis. She can be found online at researchpractice.org.

Dr. Kim Walters-Parker

Dr. Kim Walters-Parker has extensive experience as a high school reading specialist. In addition, she served as the Director of the Division of Educator Preparation at the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.

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