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Evidence-Supported Instructional Practices: Teaching Math with Examples, and How Face-to-Face and Online Classrooms Differ

Michael Pershan, Math teacher, St Ann’s School

Twitter: @mpershan

VIDEO SESSION: Teaching Math with Examples, and How Face-to-Face and Online Classrooms Differ


A body of research points to the study of worked-out examples as a powerful learning technique. But even experienced teachers use worked examples ineffectively at times, and teaching happens across many different contexts. In this session I’ll explain what research says about why worked examples help and why sometimes they don’t. This research needs to be put in practice, but face-to-face and online classrooms are very different contexts. I’ll share the choices I’ve made for bringing the evidence alive in my classroom and remote teaching. An important takeaway: teachers contribute by adapting research for our contexts.

About Michael Pershan

Michael Pershan

Since 2010 I’ve been a classroom mathematics teacher in NYC, first at a high school and then for elementary and middle school students. I’ve written a book about teaching mathematics with worked examples for John Catt Educational, to be published in the future. I currently blog at and


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